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  • Well Flyers fans….

    And with that loss last night the season is sadly over. First and foremost let me say this. I love the Flyers… LOVE them but I am also a hockey fan as well. To say the officials have been good during this playoffs has been the understatement of the year. AS A NHL FAN I…

  • 2012 Eagles UDFA signings.(Undrafted Free Agents)

    Chris Polk, RB, Washington – On a personal level we got 2 RBs in this draft that I feel will compete with Dion Lewis for the backup job. Bryce Brown and this kid. At one time he was rated as the #5 RB in the draft prior to a shoulder injury and also hip injury…

  • Simon Gagne to Tampa

    No more Gagne in the Orange and Black.

  • Flyers near deal with Zherdev.

    Nikolai Zherdev has been looking to return to the NHL after a season with the much talked about KHL in Russia. You might remember Zherdev as the very hyped fourth overall pick by Columbus Blue Jackets pick in 2003. Zherdev is oozing with skill, but his highest point total was in 2007-2008 when he scored…

  • A few Saturday developments

    Gagne, Bobby Ryan, Goalies, and Kovalchuk.

  • Gagne waives NTC.

    Gagne has waived his NTC. Kings are a possible landing spot.

  • Thoughts on Flyers first day of free agency.

    Two steps forward, two steps back, maybe we’ll see some actual improvement Friday.

  • Playoff Beard?

    Well many people out there are superstitious about things such as, not shaving when you get into the playoffs, or doing a specific routine every day / every game. I put this theory in place myself not posting during the Flyers wins here…..well it backfired in the worst way the other night and boy did…

  • The (Kinda Sorta) Unsung Heroes of Game 7

    Shocked. Amazed. Joyfully numb. Speechless. That pretty much covers it. You know that feeling when the floor seems to have been yanked out from under your feet, when you’ve seemingly been compressed into nothing by two icy steel plates? There was that. It began as just a tingle when Boston scored five and a half…

  • Flyers second round schedule

    As I’m sure you know by now the Washington Capitals lost game 7 at home to the Montreal Canadians last night. The Caps loss now means the Flyers play the Boston Bruins in a series that will come with multiple decades worth of baggage. Here is the schedule for this much anticipated series. Saturday, May…