This Website is here for one soul reason, for the Philly fans from a couple of Philly fans. Most of us have been Philly fans all of our lives, and some have just recently came to our sense’s. We all have one thing in common though, we love our Philly sports teams.

fanofphilly (founder): I have been following Philly sports all of my childhood and adult life. Being born in Morton and living my childhood in Mannyunk/Roxborough I was sort of born into being a Philly fan you could say. Now that I live in the Poconos I enjoy my Philly teams all that much more. A while back this website was actually my father’s idea. We always said why don’t we get a website going or something for up in this area (the Poconos) that is for the “HOMEBOYZ”. I figured I should take his advice since he is very wise and get this website rolling for all of us Philly fans out there far and wide. I thought heck, why not and soon we will get some more people on here blogging about their Philly teams as well. So please feel free to sign up and reply to some of our articles yourself. There is a rule though, no CURSING and please be mature don’t make our staff have to delete your post. Hopefully you find your stay enjoyable here and if you should have any questions or comments please head over to the contact page.


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