Gagne waives NTC.

No trade is imminent, but the Flyers have asked Gagne to waive his NTC, and from multiple reports hes done just that. The Kings seem to be the most interested in Gagne, but Tim Panaccio has qualified the trade talks as “exploratory” – I’m assuming Gagne is LA’s plan B if Kovalchuk resigns with the Devils or another club.

The reasoning behind the Flyers making Gagne available is to free up cap space for another run at Marty Turco, and to free up money for both Carcillo and Powe. Look for the Flyers return to be draft picks and possibly a very inexpensive player – Scott Parse maybe? We’ll see what happens.

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  1. Yeah actually what I keep hearing is the following to happen.

    LA gets Gagne and Cobur and Phi gets RW-Brown and G-Quick.

    Solves both problems for them.

    Then I hear that while Philly and Lavs loves Carter they love Bobby Ryan just that much more. Ryan is not happy right now where he is and has came out and said that he wants to be “BACK EAST, closer to HOME”. Well Philly was the team he would love to be on, and how I would love to have him here. Talks about that trade straight up who knows.

    One thing we know is we can rest this weekend unless the Flyers get blown away with some type of deal.

  2. That LA deal is something I haven’t heard yet. I know the Flyers love Dustin Brown, but hes the Kings captain, and I’ve heard the Kings don’t want to part with any other their goalies unless they get another big piece.

    And the Carter and Ryan deal is something that wouldn’t surprise me at all. I’ve heard the Carter for Ryan rumors for several years, and Ryan has huge connections to the Flyers organization. I’d be in full support of a deal like that. Gives us another winger, and removes a center.

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