Going to your first Hockey game?

Well Tuesday night was fun, traveled down to the game from the Poconos which is always a fun ride. I tell you what let me just get this out there. Not living in the city for quite sometime now I have not had the opportunity to go to as many Philadelphia sporting events as I would of liked too. Past 3 years I have gone to more then I ever have since living down in the city. Regardless, if any of you out there are hockey fans you need to go to a Hockey game. If you like hockey one bit you would love being at a live game. It is so much better then watching it on TV. There are times that I went to a football game or a basketball game and you just cant see that much its almost better watching it on TV then going to the actual game. I mean don’t get me wrong the electricity at a game and the “FAN MOJO” (as I call it) could never be duplicated or replaced but regardless shell out the dollars for a Hockey game, you will not be disappointed mark my words on that. A lot of people ask me is it cold there? Well I tell you what, wear pants, a t-shirt and a long sleeve shirt or a sweatshirt and you will be fine. Unless your one of those people who freeze even if the room temperature is 70 degrees then you need to bring a jacket. But really, if your going to go to a hockey game, try to make sure its at least a Flyers game. Best hockey town in the USA!


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