Fly Guys clinch a spot as well.

So Tuesday night I took my brother to the game for his 33rd birthday. Was a great game, dollar pretzel night and they ended up selling over 11,000 pretzels (CRAZY!). We had 4 ourselves so we made our contribution! Carrying on, what a great game this turned out to be. It was a frustrating first period but as normal we came back and stole the win in the end. That win put us in the playoffs for sure, which is always a nice feeling is it not? Now about these things that are called “PLAYOFFS”. Man o man I feel like I just said this about the Sixers, you dont want Boston / NJ, I think we can handle Monteral but still I would love for us to have that 4th or 5th spot right now. Then again Carolina might wind up being in that 4th / 5th spot as well as the Pens (CROSBY CROSBY CROSBY) but regardless I would rather play those three teams over Boston or Jersey (damn your Marty). As far as how we will do in the playoffs, well I think theres no doubt that our front three no matter what the line can get it done. Timmo is our only defensive player back there so our playoff outcome will rely on how hot our defense is or gets added in with Marty’s net-minding abilities. Duh no brain’er right?… we have all been saying that all year. But lets be honest here, our defense is POOR and we all know that I have a feeling though they will SHINE this playoff and we will start to see a side of them that we have not seen yet. I feel we will be playing the Sharks / Wings for that big silver trophy in the end. At least I hope I’m right here.





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