Game 2 and Bryz

First off Flyers need to #1 play heir game, not he game not the game that NJ wants them to play.  I think I have gotten used to the fact that Bryz is going to allow 1 or 2 “soft” goals a game.  Although he did pay well story of the year is defensive breakdowns killed them again.  While we had the chance to put it away in OT 2 times we just couldnt cash in.  Although I must say the refs were SUSPECT this game for BOTH teams.  SUSPECT!  Flyers lose it in OT 4-3 and go down 2-1 in the series.  This game this weekend isnt a “must win” but it should be.

Now a bit about Bryz and this city.  This city is a city with very passionate fans,its a professional sports town. Everyone says its a hockey town, well not only is it that but its also a football, baseball and even basketball town even though our 76ers team has been spotty at times. Regardless if were in first or last place we will always bleed our teams colors. Very passionate and very vocal fans. While we always have such HIGH expectations and demands when a player doesnt play to that standard we always flip the script on him, ready to ride him out of town. Very few people support or stick up for that player. There is always a scapegoat in Philly sports no matter what.

Lets be honest Bryz came to a high profile team and was shoved under the limelight. Some players react differently and to say that he has underperformed our expectations is a huge understatement. Regardless of our cup dreams and outcomes here you CANNOT move Bryz. That would just be silly and foolish you need to give me at the very least another year. A FULL year with an honest healthy defense in front of the man should show his true colors. If he hangs himself then so be it. But now that hes settled in to the city, to the fans get him a defense in front of him.

Its really a broken record this year but Aside from Timmo / Mez / Coburn (who has been great might I add) our defense has been sub par at best. AT BEST. Carle, Lilja, Kubina, even Gus at times have just been frustrating to watch.

We need Lavy to rally the troops and head into it as if every game is an elimination game here out. Regardless of any situation.







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