Eagles Training Camp tips and questions!

Are you going to the Eagles training camp but dont know what to expect at all? Well my wife and I did the same thing this year. We found this nice little peice that Philly.com did. Which was the best info anywhere about it.

I am bumping this post back up from last year. Training camp is a great experience and if you are looking to go. I would say if you have the chance to do it do not pass it up because it is rather cool being that close to all of the people that you will follow for a full season. A couple of things that I would bring for sure.

WATER! (bring a good amount) Out there in the open sun it gets hot, and lets not forget you are in the lower fringe of the start of the Pocono Mountains and the humidity is just absurd.

– If your one of those that burns easy like my wife you will want to make sure you have sunscreen on and handy!
TOWEL – If your the sweating type then you will want to dry yourself off. Believe me it comes in handy. Even to put water on it and keep it over your shoulders.
Sharpie – Never know you may run into your most Fav Eagle player, what will you do if you dont have a Sharpie?!
Camera – You always need this, again you never know I got a picture with a few players before and you might be so lucky as well!

Some other things that can help
Chair – one of those Fold up chairs come in handy if you get a good spot!
Backpack – your going to be carrying a lot of stuff, backpacks always make it easy!

Hope this helps you out some things that you need there that get over looked!

Heres a great link on the Philadelphia Eagles Training Day Camp Schedule dates and times. Be sure to check it out and hope you have a great time.

If you’re going post here, maybe we can meet up!

Heres what to expect when you go to Lehigh click here


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