Ender’s Thoughts on Pronger.

As most of you  have likely surmised by now, I know all and see all. So here are my uncategorically correct thoughts on Chris Pronger + change to the Flyers for Joffrey Lupul + change…


Sure, it was a lot to give up. Lupul’s a nice player, Sbisa MIGHT be very good someday relatively soon-ish. I don’t even worry about the draft picks as (A) they are complete unknowns and (B) the Flyers are stocked with young talent at the moment and (C) if Pronger adds what I believe he’ll add those picks will be at the end of the first round. The very end.

I came up with the Pelle Lindbergh-Tim Kerr-Sutter Brothers-Mark Howe Flyers of the mid-80’s, and it’s been about that long since we’ve had a defenseman as STUD as Pronger, if ever. Yes, Howe and McCrimmon were very, very good (both posting above +80 in ’85, ridiculous) but Pronger instantly becomes our Scott Stevens, the force at the line we’ve lacked since forever.

And I don’t care that he’s 35. I’m 39 and there’s not some magic metamorphosis that happen at midnight of your 35th birthday where the age fairy sprinkles you with dust and suddenly all your joints stop working. D-men play into their late 30’s/ early 40’s all the time without a great dropoff in skill. So if you’re going to get an old guy, the best defenseman in the league is the one to get.

So, just wanted to share my Pronger thoughts and try to stem some of the rising panic in the Internet-based Philly sports community. Relax, it’s going to be all right.






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  1. theLgndKllr35 Avatar

    If there’s no age fairy, I don’t know what to believe in anymore.

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