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Simon Gagne to Tampa

No more Gagne in the Orange and Black.

A few Saturday developments

Gagne, Bobby Ryan, Goalies, and Kovalchuk.

Gagne waives NTC.

Gagne has waived his NTC. Kings are a possible landing spot.

Eagles season predictions

Ok guys so here is the Philadelphia Eagles 2010 NFL schedule. In BOLD are the teams I picked to win then at the bottom I explain a…

Flyers schedule vs the Canadiens

Game 1 – Sunday – @ PHL 7pm est Game 2 – Tuesday – @ PHL 7pm est Game 3 – Thursday – @ MTL 7pm est…

Holy Herndon!

I’m given free reign to talk about pretty much whatever I want on Homeboyz Network, and last night gave me plenty of options. I could have written…

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  1. heh… Yeah but as much as its A-Rod’s fault for taking them its just as much Lidge’s fault for throwing a HR hitter a high fastball thats like doing the same thing to Ryan Howard though honestly…. esp in that BALL PARK argh. That was surely a tough loss that I don’t think we should of got

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