A Few Words from ENDER

First, sorry it’s taken me so long to post. Second, thanks to Eric and the rest of the Homeboyz (see that? that’s professional pun-making) for inviting me on, despite promising them nothing but heartache and misery should they do so. But, here we are…

A bit about me; I live in Cape May, NJ, grew up in Kennett Square, PA, been a Philly bleeder (red, orange and black, green, red-white-and-blue… you know the deal) since I was old enough to understand sports, around 1977 or so (yes, I’m ancient). Currently I write a local gossip-sports-entertainment column for a Cape May weekly, and am a rather famous cat south of Exit 4 on the Garden State Parkway. I’ve had a book published, I run my own karaoke business, got a hot wife and 3 awesome kids… I’m living the dream.

But enough about me. Just wanted to let you know that I started watching the Phillies when I was about 2 (in 1972) and for me, baseball is forever connected with the sound of my dad cracking open a Schlitz and dogs on the grill. The other 3 teams are great, but nothing as connected as baseball.

Eagles are a mildly close 2nd; really got into NFL in the Buddy Ryan Era, which was a great, frustrating time… how did that team NOT win 3 Super Bowls?

I came to the Flyers in the ’83 or so, the end of the Bob Clarke Era, the beginning of Tocchet, Poulin, the Sutters and those great 80’s teams.

And I’ll forever love Dr. J and the 76ers, though the team has left me cold since about 10 seconds after they drafted AI. There was NO bigger NBA fan than I in the mid-80’s, but tragic mismanagement of the team pushed me away. Put it this way; in 1986 I could have had a nice 5-year run of Mo Cheeks, Julius Erving, Moses Malone,Charles Barkley and Brad Daugherty. Instead we got Roy Hinson and Jeff Ruland. the early-90’s squad with Charles, Rick Mahorn, Mike Gminski, Hersey¬†Hawkins¬†and Johhny Dawkins brought me back briefly, but I could barely stand to watch the AI “led” Sixers beyond the 2000 run.

So, I’m not a huge 76ers guy, though it makes me a little sad. Even sadder is what the NBA has become; a league of bad contracts and no cap room.

Anyway, I meant to actually make a relevant post this evening, but I think I’ve said enough for a 1st attempt. Just wanted to say hello and thank anyone who might come across this and actually read it.

You can contact me at terryoke1 at yahoo dot com if you want any firther info, otherwise I’ll be popping in occasionally to give me thoughts on things. Just remember this; Ender is always right. And we’ll get along fine.

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  1. “Ender is always right” does that apply with your wife around? Because I know that my “fanofphilly” is always right rule doesn’t fly when she walks in the room holding both kids giving me that look….

    haha but really man thanks for coming by hopefully from time to time you can drop a line!

  2. Rule #1: Ender is always right.

    Rule #2: See Rule #1.

    Rule #3: If Mrs. Ender is in the room, Rules #1 and #2 do not apply.

  3. HAHA yeah it’s pretty much the same way in my household too. Well hey man if you ever get the time some weekend you’ll have to bring the family over and we will watch a Phills game drink a brew and cook some burgers and dogs.

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