Chad Johnson / Jason Peters coming to Philly?

So Gary Cobb said  this and ESPN’s Michael Smith said on NFL Live that the Eagles are interested in both Chad Johnson and Jason Peters.  Meanwhile Rotoworld confirmed what Michael Smith was saying here.  And my hommie over at PFT dropped this little line about Ocho Cinco!

So theres more then enough things floating around about #85 and Peters being in Philly.  Ok ill throw in my 2 cents and a lot of this has been repeated but here goes..

Chad Johnson…. Like it was said…he has calmed down a bit, there was an article posted a while back on here about him that has really changed my mind and outlook on him. Not to mention that him and McNabb are good friends, sort of like McNabb and Boldin. Don’t get me wrong here I would love any of the three possibilities of Boldin / Edwards / Johnson like I’ve said from the get go. But this is a great option as well. For those who may say Chad Johnson isn’t a red zone threat…are you HIGH? He has 53 total TD’s 36 of those TD’s came from in the Red Zone not to mention out of those 36, 19 of those came from within 5 yards…so I’m not understanding how hes “Not a red zone threat”. I agree that I would love a Powerful Boldin but still… Remember a team oooo lets say about 10 years ago that had 2 outside burning route running WR’s called Issac Bruce, and Torry Holt, I remember them being the Rams…or should I say “the greatest show on turf” and they didn’t turn out so bad did they. We very well could have the same thing going here. Just Image….. I’ll get into this later

I would give up a 3rd, 5th and Reggie Brown in a heartbeat for this. You would honestly be crazy not too. You have the best of all worlds. You get rid of Brown and his contract, you add another dynamic WR that keeps your QB and FANS happy (which we all know Philly doesn’t do this) plus add to boot you still have 2 first round picks and also a 2nd round.

Now about Peters. I still don’t like this guy but hell, I would trade for him. You ask why? Well hes better then anyone we could have coming out of the draft. Offer them our 2nd rounder throw in a 6th and even Justice lol. Not a bad trade at all I think. Only thing I dont like about this is the fact that he is wanting Jordan Gross money and I question if hes pure Jordan Gross talent. Not trying to take anything away from him but he wants to be #1 or #2 paid in the league. The good thing of that is we have that money available.

So lets add all this together. If we could get away with all of that we still have our 2 first round pics we lose our mid rounders.
So for the draft you go out at #21 and draft whatever RB is on the board that you want whether it be Moreno, Wells, Brown, McCoy whoever. Then at #28 you go out and get us a REAL DEAL ILB like we need so bad if hes on the board I doubt it but try to get (again I DOUBT some of these would be available at #28 but just saying) a, Aaron Curry, Rey Maualuga, James Laurinaitis, Brian Cushing.
After that Trade up our later picks to try to get back in the 2nd or 3rd round (3rd round is more realistic) and get Cornelius Ingram, or if you just wait maybe get a true blocker like Davon Drew. We would only need to get a backup CB and S and even a C to maybe help out Jackson (who I like)that we could draft in the later rounds because the S and BC class isn’t over impressive this year. S and CB I have people in mind but who knows where we will go here, were always GOOD at judging these positions so I have faith in our Scouting reports. For C I would love to get Shipley or Reynolds good options in a later round!

So lets add all this together… This off season and draft this is what we could of done.

– Stacey Andrews – who will play right guard and add depth both physically and emotionally for his brother our right side is AMAZING…”wall of Philly”
– Lenoard Weaver added as a Fullback (FINALLY ty Lord!)
– Sean Jones its ashame that a lot of people don’t know this guy, but after this year I think the whole NFL will know him a lot better (pro bowl here I’m calling it)
– Key resigns, Hank Baskett, Joselio Hanson are the main re-signs.
– Draft Great up and coming RB / Power horse of a LB / Good blocking TE

So if you think about this FAR FETCH but possible outcome. This could be an amazing year, and we very well could be Super Bowl Bound with all of this.

Just imagine…again its far Fetched but still. For all we know Chad could be available but only for a 1st and same goes for Peters. But we can all dream right?


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