So the 76ers clinch a playoff berth but..

How long do we think they will last? What do they need to do in order to get this team to that next level. They have skill, and they are young but all in all its going to be difficult to go up against a team like Boston / Orlando / Cleveland and thats saying that we hold on to the 4th or 5th spot going into the playoffs and WIN it in the 1st round. Man who knows what can happen here, which team will come to show up. The ones that played the Lakers 2 weeks back or the ones that played the Nets 4 days ago. I can’t help to wonder what we would do in the off-season. All these talks looming about us trying to get rid of Sammy-Boy and with Miller most likely going else-where. And how people are saying that the Answer (Iverson) wants back in Philly. Scarey…would you want Iverson back? Man o man who knows whats going to happen in the off-season, what I do know is that for THIS SEASON we have a playoff upcoming. And we better start pumping up our Reebocks and making more free-throws if we even want a chance to have a magic carpet rid. Our team right now is good, but we are no where NEAR what those top 3 teams are. If we get past the 2nd round I will be shocked. I’m a very optimistic person but sometimes you have to be a realist I suppose.

But I do like our future. Young, Speights, Williams (makes me mad), Iggy, and this Jason Smith kid I really like. What a bummer he got injured. We will discuss what I think our needs are another time


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