Bobby Ryan and the Cap

Im posting this from a user in a forum that I frequent.  He broke this down in a way that I really liked…  Check this out.

Brayden Schenn won’t get a raise. His cap hit is already at 3 million. Couturier is looking at maybe getting a 1.7 mil raise assuming your 3 million. Read won’t be a Flyer as I feel he might be a piece in a trade before his contract is up. You are only looking at 1.7 raise there. Weber will probably get around 8-9 mil. Giroux will see around 7 million or so. Hartnell, if he stays (which I think he does) will get around 4.5-5. Simmonds will get probably around 2.5 over 3-4 years, but at most around 3 million. Voracek is looking at around 3 million maybe 3.5 in his next contract. Total you are looking at:

Cap Space right now is about 8 million

Voracek = 3.5 million

Leaving 4.5 million so far (before Pronger LITR which adds 5 million). This can be gained by day 1 since both Schenn and Couts can be sent down for one day giving room before the season and called up the day the season starts at which point Pronger’s cap hit becomes available to us again.

Assuming the salary cap does not increase (which it is predicted to continue to go up at least 3 million a year)…

Raises (high end) 2013 offseason
Weber 9 million
Hartnell 800k raise from 4.2m
Simmonds 1.25mil raise from 1.75m
Total Raises = 11.05 mil

Coming off the books 2013 offseason
Timonen 6.3 million
Fedotenko 1.75 million
Jody Shelley 1.1 million
Total decreases = 9.15 million

Total cap still available right now is 4.5 million. Pronger’s LITR is 5 million. Once again, no cap increase was assumed. Also, the prospect of trading Briere increases after this season. His cap hit will remain the same but his actual salary will drop to 3 million and 2 million for the final two seasons. This makes him a more attractive option for some teams that have cap space but not actual funds or teams struggling to make the cap floor. Not assuming Pronger’s LITR or the probably increases in cap, the cap would look like 11.05 (raises) – 9.15 million (leaving players) = 1.9 million Increase past losses…4.5 million (cap space) – 1.9 million = 2.6 million cap still left.

Raises (high end) 2014 offseason
Giroux 4.25 million to 8 million
Schenn NONE cap hit remains around 3.1 million
Couturier 1.625 to 3 million
Total raises 5.85 million

Coming off the books 2014
Mezz 4 million (jury is out on whether we will sign him BACK or not haha get it?)
Read 0.9 million
Total 4.9 million

5.85 million HIGH END in raises – 4.9 million (reductions) = 0.95 million in total overage in raises. 2.6 million in cap still left – 0.95 million = 1.65 cap still left. Once again, this is not assuming Pronger’s LITR money, Briere trade, cap increases (which there will be), or any other moves or trades or waivers or whatever. We would need another defenseman in 2014 but we could probably figure that out quite easily.

All in all, we are far from anywhere where we would have to worry about our future. There will be cap increases over the next couple years and we are probably looking at Danny Briere being traded next offseason or maybe the one after. He could help a team get to the cap floor.

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