Peters down again.

Philadelphia Eagles left tackle Jason Peters ruptured his Achilles’ tendon for a second time this offseason, according to a report from’s Derrick Gunn. The Eagles later confirmed the injury.

It’s devastating news for the Eagles and a player who was voted first-team All-Pro last season. A ruptured Achilles is the worst NFL injury we can think of. Experiencing the same injury twice in one offseason is almost unimaginably unlucky.

Peters reportedly was using a device called a Roll-A-Bout to maneuver around his house. The device reportedly malfunctioned, then Peters fell on his face and ruptured the Achilles again. He’s going to sue the manufacturer. He will require a second surgery. This might be the saddest story we’ve written this offseason.

The first injury occurred in late March, so the latest injury will set back Peters’ rehabilitation. He was a long shot to play in 2012, and now any chance for Peters to suit up is out the window. The Eagles will have to rely on former Buffalo Bill Demetress Bell to take Peters’ spot, with King Dunlap backing him up. The team traded Winston Justice this offseason.

It’s a huge loss for Philadelphia. As great as LeSean McCoy and Trent Cole and Jason Babin were last season, we’d argue that Peters was the team’s MVP.

^^^ wow that report is just clearly more then devastating.  This poor guy, the poor team but again POOR PETERS, wow.  Af a Philadelphia sporting team fan we all see what a “ruptured achillies” does / did to Ryan Howard, and now we face it again with Peters, not once, but twice.  A man his size and weight it will be very very hard to see him come back from that.  This hurts more then we may know.  Well, Bell, I have been rooting for you this off-season now that we got you lets see what you can do.  And hopefully this Kelly kid we drafted can come in and do something too.


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