Story of the day – Suspensions.

So unless your living under a rock the story of the day is suspensions

Cole Hamels suspended 5 games for ADMITTING he hit Bryce Harper the other night for 5 games.  Wow 5 games because he said – “I was trying to hit him,”  “I’m not going to deny it. I’m not trying to injure the guy. They’re probably not going to like me for it, but I’m not going to say I wasn’t trying to do it. I think they understood the message, and they threw it right back. That’s the way, and I respect it.”

Yet Zimmerman hits Hamels and he gets nothing?  Wow so because Cole admits it and says I hit him intentionally because he was crowding the plate he gets 5 games.  Pitchers have been “beaming” players for YEARS now and because Cole admits it he gets 5 games yet later that same game Zimmerman hits and aims directly for Coles knees and gets nothing.  Now I am not condoning hitting a player or retaliating at all but come on MLB lets take this for what it is.  What a joke.  In every other sport, its the premeditated retaliation that is punished most severely great job MLB, way to go against the grain.

I found this clip that made me laugh though.

Claude Giroux…. wow Im going to make this short, very short.  Highly elite player, elimination game, Malkin hit worse Flyers in the head (even took out Crosby) in the Pitt vs Phi series.  Malkin – 0  Giroux – 1 game.  Wow come on.  You know what, I pray the Flyers get eliminated tonight because if not this fuels the fire, and I can see Philly making a comeback and taking this series.
Bryz you have a .909 sva your doing just fine.  Defense….we need you.

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