Vinny Curry, well played.

Vinny Curry the Philadelphia Eagles new defensive end did something this past week that stands above and beyond a tribute.  Vinny Curry who attended the University of Marshall in West Virgina wore number #99.  And when the Eagles drafted him everyone all but knew the chances of him being able to continue to wear that number was all but a 0% chance.  The late amazing Eagles DT Jerome Brown wore number #99.  For those that may not know clearly Jerome Browns number is retired.  If you didn’t know this you are either extremely young or a very very new Eagles fan lol.  Jerome Brown was the last Eagle who EVER wore that number.

15 Steve Van Buren, HB/S, 1944–51
20 Brian Dawkins, S, 1996-2012
40 Tom Brookshier, DB, 1953–61
44 Pete Retzlaff, RB/WR/TE, 1956–66
60 Chuck Bednarik, C/LB, 1949–62
70 Al Wistert, OT, 1943–51
92 Reggie White, DE, 1985–92
99 Jerome Brown, DT, 1987–91

Eagles retired numbers (Dawkins will be retired this year but I added it)

Curry took #75 which resembles the amount of people perished in the Marshall plane crash in 1970.  But he did not realize this at first.

In response to how he felt about the number when he saw the Eagles offered him #75
How fast did you pull that trigger on the #75?

“Quick. … as soon as I saw it,” said Curry. “You know what I mean? They said I could have some other numbers, but I just went ahead and chose No. 75. There are some great pass-rushers who have worn No. 75”

at first #75 didn’t sink in, the real “meaning” behind it and that specific number did not hit him till he returned back to his alma mater.  When it was brought to his attention his number meant so much more.

“When I realized that was the actual number of people who died in the plane crash,” said Curry, “it just made it more important to me. I was like, ‘Wow, now I know why that number stuck out to me.’ ”

After understanding the tragic day in Marshalls football history when on that night back on Nov 14th in 1970 it became an obvious choice for Curry.  It now made sense why he was drawn to that number.  When the Eagles ask him if he was “sure” or if he wanted to “change” his response was.

“After a while,” said Curry, “I realized that it would mean a lot to everyone, too. So, when the Eagles called me earlier this week and asked if I wanted to change it, I said, ‘Nah, I’ll stick with No. 75.”

I personally was going to get a Curry jersey regardless of the number, simply because of his passion and the fact that he is a HUGE Eagles fan.  When he erupted to the fact that we drafted Brandon Boykin and did a fist pump and said on wow what a great draft we are having so far, that sold me.

If asked about his passion, this kid has more then passion, hes a VOICE and so energetic to be around.  I fully expect him to have a GREAT career wearing #75 in Midnight / Kelly / or Hunter green which ever it may be that given Sunday.

To say Vinny Curry has class is a huge understatement.  He has more then class, this is a kid who wears his heart, pride, and dedication and his love for the game on his sleeve.

Now he will be wearing it on his Philadelphia Eagles #75 jersey.  Well played Vinny, well played!


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