Damn you Flyers

Regardless Bryz is not the problem right now.  He is not playing bad hockey, hes not playing any worse then Marty is that’s for sure!  The story is and remains that since we lost 1/2 our defense our defense has been CRAP, and that’s putting it very nicely.  I pray to the Homer that I do not [B]EVER[/B] have to see the back of Carle’s jersey again.  I’m sick of seeing his player being released or not getting back checked and “slipping” through the cracks and suddenly its a 1 on 1 up close with “X” player vs Bryz.  More then likely it ends up being a one timer and I’m sick of seeing that [B]SAME FACE[/B] and that pathetic eye roll from Carle.  Its almost a SURE BET that he will do it ONCE even other game.

Now let me stay true here, to say this is all on Carle would be a foolish and inaccurate thing for me to say, but it surely takes the wind out of the sail and no one could really know how it plays in the heads of others, regardless please let him walk.  Moving on to the other 2 problems.  I’ve heard its “Lavys System” and while I can see why people are saying that Lavys system is not working lets also remember New Jersey tweaked their defensive style.  They are playing 2 styles of defense this series, the defense that they have used all year and also their famous trap style defense.  Very boring to watch but very effective against us.  The fact remains we cannot allow less then 3 goals.  That just KILLS you in playoff hockey.  The Devils are outworking us, out skating us and outhitting us.  They are doing everything that we do to excel and beat teams, we look slow and sluggish out there.  Almost as if they (Flyers) emptied the tank on the Pittsburgh series, at least Jagr looks that way for SURE!.  To say no heart or to say they don’t want it is a very foolish thing to say, we cannot judge how the Flyers are feeling we can only judge what we are seeing.  And what I am seeing is sickening, we are giving into what New Jersey [B]WANTS[/B] us to do.  If I see Marty play another puck and sweep it up to his Dman who then sweeps it to his winger which results in anymore odd man rushes I’m going to scream on the top of my lungs.  If I see anymore failed back checking and a leaking weak side goal Im going to cry.

Bottom line.  Bad defense + Being out worked and out hustled + Allowing Marty to play the puck + the Fact that historically the Devils always play us AMAZINGLY in the playoffs = a very bad recipe to seeing the better team lose.

If anything if / when we lose this series we should thank the Devils.  They single handed pointed out every weakness of this team and showed Homer what he needs to do this off-season to get this team and our amazingly awesome fan base Sir Stanley


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