Flyers down.

Well I promise to not go out anymore during a Flyers playoff game.

I went out 3 times during a playoff game. Once to my dads to watch the game.  Once to my brothers to watch the game.  Once to the bar with some buds to watch the game.  That being said they are 0-3 when I do not sit on my butt and watch it on the couch.  I think proof is in the pudding here.

Bryz sure did look good last night.  Just nothing else seemed to click.  Flyers came out the first 10 minutes and looked like the Flyers that we all know and expect.  Then they suddenly turned into the Flyers that we usually see at the beginning of the games.  It’s almost as if they completely switched roles.  But man did they look sloppy after the 1st.  Allowing 3 goals in the 3rd period, at one point getting out shot 12-0 in the 2nd period and only putting 2 shots on goal the whole second.  Ouch.

Hopefully they get their crap together here because I just have one of those feelings about this year.  So I will do my best Andy Reid and say “this one is on me guys”.







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