UDFA’s round 2.

GIVETH ME MOAR!!!!!!!! Need MOAR signings!!!!

Ok, so yesterday I went on about some UDFA’s that the Eagles went out and signed. I found out they added some more to that list and here they are.

Matt Camili – LS – UTEP
What more can be said here? You wont find any film on him he is a 6’3″ long snapper that weights in at 239lbs. Not the fastest with a 5.08 time in the 40. But again not much to note or document here other then the kid is a Long Snaper. He can also play special teams as well which would be a MUST at the NFL level. Believe it or not I found some video on this kid.

McKay Jacobson – WR – BYU –
Another small possession WR here. Nothing over the top about him just your standard 5’10” 188lb kid that runs 4.50 in the 40. Had a solid college career at BYU and was a security blanket and one of those guys who always made the catch. Nothing more then a slot WR from this kid, although I have heard him compared to Kevin Curtis once a WR with the Eagles. We will see how he looks after training camp or if hes even there to still talk about / too.

Jemery Stewart – FB – Stanford –
Purely camp body here. 6’1″ 218lbs dont even have a 40 time on him. Not much out there on this kid other then he carried the ball 55 times for 257 yards with 9 TDs. Very tough hard runner that makes few cuts and runs north to south with a charge in his step. Known as a pretty good lead man as well and comes equipped with just a tad above average hands as well.

Could not find any vieo other then highschool video on this kid. Not worth showing!

Ryan Tydlacka – P – Kentucky
Not going into much here. Hes a punter. 6’0″ 200lbs and runs a 5.24 so hes not fast but again, hes a punter. And a punter taken when they should be taken. In UDFA not in the 3rd round. Right Jags? Oh…my bad there. Hey i mean for what its worth he was projected to go in the 3-4 rounds so the Jags were right on the nose. But still…. a punter….Anyways Tydlacka will get the chance angainst Chase Henry to compete for the punting job

Not even showing this lol.

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