Danny “PLAYOFF” Hockey.

While there is always a debate for the past 2 years at the end of the regular season it seems the question never fails. Should we trade Daniel Brière? For me on a personal level I always ask the same question in return. How much is a playoff win to you? Because when the season is over as long as the Flyers have made it to he playoffs there is no doubt that its “Danny time”. Some people rise to occasions and some just simply dont. To say that Danny rises to the occasion is a huge under statement.
One could argue that he helped propel us to a Game 1 win against Pittsburgh, and the proof was in the pudding that he helped us win game 1 New Jersey. I think Danny is more then worth his huge contract and will continue to preform.

Game 1 against New Jersey. Did this game ever have one of those “weird” feels to it. Marty was literally standing on his head and for a moment there it looked as if the Flyers week off was going to bite them in the butt. In typical Flyers fashion not happened until period 2. When period 2 came as stated Danny playoff hockey time began. Accepting a beautiful pass from Jakub Voracek, Daniel creates a break away and beats Marty weak side with his incredibly fast hands.

After that goal JVR decided to show up for the playoffs. A player that going forward really helped put the nail in the coffin fo the overtime win. It seems as if JVR is back to his typical playoff form now too. Marty makes a beautiful save off Erik Gustafsson but Marty also leaves a juicy rebound for JVR to pound into the back of the net. Giroux also adds a LASER of a goal on a power play as well.

Devils would come back and tie it up late in the 3rd period to tie it up and send this into overtime. This goal was such a soft goal that Bryz HAS to make. But in overtime Danny decided to score 2 goals! One kicked in and the other just a beautiful slapshot from the point.

Flyers take the 1-0 lead on the Devils.

Love me some playoff hockey boys! See you all Tuesday @ 7:30pm Enjoy the clip below

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