Phillies in Phull Swing!

Well ladies and gents as I sit here today Chase Utley is back and its very possible that Ryan Howard will be back by the beginning of next week as well. Chase who has been out since the end of June is just glad to be back in our rotation and man o man are we fans all glad to have him back! While Valdez did a great job filling in for him while he was gone no one can hold a candle to what Chase Utley has done and does for this team.

So as of late as we know the Phillies have been playing October baseball. Their bats have been swinging and they have been catching up to not only the WildCard standing but also the 1st place Braves (boooooo). Last night with Oswalt on the mound trying to get his 7th win at Citizens Bank Park and was successfull in doing so. Phillies rally in the 6h and 7th socring 2 runs in each inning to take a 4-3 lead finally to add a 5 spot in the 8th. Becoming the leading team in the NL with 17 Five run innings. You think about the fact that they have done that and with all the struggles they faced this year thats pretty darn impressive. Right now our Phillies hold the #1 WildCard spot over the Giants and Cards and are 2.5 games behind the Braves in the division. Lets hope we can at least tie this division up. Chipper Jones is done for the year and most likely even his career with the Braves to note as well.

Lets go Phillies lets punch another win or two again these Giants.







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