Eagles updates

Well Camp has started.

Small short and quick update from it all.

D-Jack got helped off the field but it is not serious, just a lower back injury and he should be fine.

Bradley got up and limped off the field as well, again not serious just a hammy injury.

Maclin got carted off the field but it was determined that its just a bad knee bruise. Although Anthony G from the Colts was out 80% of the season last year with the same injury. Everyone is different hopefully he is back very soon.

Eagles sign Graham 5 year $22 million contract. The deal contains $14 million guaranteed. 2010-2014: Under Contract, 2015: Free Agent.

And my fav player on the team Mike Vick is not in trouble. GREAT…. just what I personally wanted to hear. Well at least we have a decent backup.


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