Hope this post doesnt jinxx it

Well since I havent posted the Phillies havent lost. But Hopefully it really was Milt and not me taking a break from posting lol.

Regardless the Phillies bats were finally returned to them and hopefully that sea-saw of good bats, bad pitching / bad bats, good pitching doesnt continue.

Right not I am very proud to say that the Phillies are winners of 5 straight games including a 4 game sweep of the Rockies.

Next the Phillies open up a series against the D’Backs and after that we meet the Nationals. This is coming at a perfect time. 2 series that the Phillies should win both easily. Lets only hope we can start creeping back into the race here as it stand now we are 4.5 games back from the Braves.

Heres to the hope that the hottest team in baseball (with the Brewers) right now can keep it going!







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