Phillies remind me of a song

Your hot then your cold….that Katie Perry song, unreal Phillies….

Going into the all-star break I was thinking wow this is going to be great we just swept the 1st place Reds at the time. and not we almost get swept but the Cubs who have been struggling themselves. And now going up 4-2 against St Louis then having the roof fall down on us the 5th inning. Man its tough to sit back and watch the Phillies right now. I know one thing, we need Utley and Happ back.

Hopefully tonight we can pull out a win against their ACE on the mound. We will see.. at this point I hate to sound like a downer but the Phillies are digging themselves deeper. No reason to be in a panic mode because theres still a lot of season left, but have your hand at least within reach of that panic button….







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