Sixers summer league outlook and outcome!

Sixers Summer League went pretty well in 5 games the Sixers went 3-2, not like it really matters or anything.

In the opener the Sixers got to play the Nets. Winning this game 84-74 and some of the highlights from that game in which #2 and #3 overall went up against one another looked like this.

In a game in which all the Sixers front court did really well. Turner / Holiday / Meeks did work! Turner putting up 13pts with 8reb 4ast and 2st 2to. Holiday went off putting up 23pts 4reb 8ast and Meeks holding his own too putting up 18pts himself.

Game 2 the Sixers take on the Celtics and Sixers pull off the win with a score of 86-69. A game in which it seemed like every Sixers was out scoring. Meeks lead the way with 18 points and Turner tossed up 13 while Speights added 12 and Holiday with a 10 spot. Man Sixers offense looks like their melding together well. I like what I see so far

Game 3 Sixers go down to the Thunder 80-89. Suffering their first loss. Also the first game in which Turner didn’t hardly shoot at all taking just 8 total shots and finishing with 4 points. While Holiday lead the way with 25 and Speights throwing up 20 and Meeks adding 16 to that.

Game 4 took us against the Bobcats in which we ended up losing by 1 point. But the Sixers still looking good, cant ever count out buzzer beaters which is exactly what the Bobcats did to us. Still a great game. Meeks again looking as if he will be on this roster for sure and showing why he should be putting up 17 points and leading the way while Turner struggled only putting up 5 points. Although I must say Ndudi Ebi put up 14 points against the Bobcats and 10 in this game here. In the 2 games he played so far he has looked really good. Not sure if he will make the team or not but in 2 games hes avg 12 points and 6 rebs.

In the closing game against the Jazz Turner played well putting up 13 points going 4-10 from the field and 1-3 from downtown. 4-4 at free throws and 6 rebounds to go along with 3 assists 1 steal and 5 turnovers. Meeks first game in which he struggled putting up 4 points. While Holiday and Plaisted and Speights as well as Love all got the night off.

Overall I think there’s a lot to be excited about from the Sixers this year. A very young team that looks as if they are finally heading in the right direction. Glad to see basketball is back in Philly!

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