Getting caught up with the Phillies

Ok Phillies thanks for coming alive.

Break down quick. JRoll is back and so is the team, funny how that happens right? We watched this year as the Phillies pulled up a big lead in the NL East then we watched it just slowly disappear from them while the Braves crept up slower and slower eventually taking the lead in the division right now. At this point the Phillies have battled back and at this moment we are 2.5 games behind the Braves while the Mets are .5 behind the Braves. Pitching is still looking like the “every other” one good outing then one bad one.

Update on Phillies injuries.

Chad Durbin – Jun 24, 2010 – 15-Day DL – Strained right hamstring
Carlos Ruiz – Jun 19, 2010 – 15-Day DL – Concussion
Antonio Bastardo – Jun 16, 2010 – 15-Day DL – Left elbow ulnar neuritis
Ryan Madson – Apr 29, 2010 60 – Day DL – Surgery, right big toe
J.A. Happ – Apr 16, 2010 – 15-Day DL – Left forearm strain

But hey, at least were not having these problems…



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