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Prayers and Thoughts go out to Eagles nation

Posted by fanofphilly on Sunday, August 5th, 2012

Today Howie stepped up to the podium and announced that Andy Reid was absent from early morning workouts due to the passing of his son Garrett Reid.  First and foremost my heart and prayers go out to the Reid family and the whole Eagles organization.  Now let me say this… I do no like using […]

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Flyers HUGE FA signings

Posted by fanofphilly on Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Flyers announce 2 signings today. Ruslan Fedotenko – returns back to the team but this time almost 10 years later hes coming back.  He will not be a player that will light the lamp often for us but he will bring solid depth and SIZE.  Something that we needed after losing Jagr and JVR.  Regardless […]

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Rookie salary cap numbers for 2012

Posted by fanofphilly on Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Ok so the numbers are not 100% final but with the new CBA you can get very very close to being accurate. Now these are their paycut for just this year against the cap. 1-12     Fletcher Cox, DT, Mississippi State – $1.8m 2-14     Mychal Kendricks, ILB, California – $807k 2-27     Vinny Curry, […]

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Evan Turner arrives in Philly

Posted by fanofphilly on Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Well with much debate floating around out there saying how the Sixers are shopping the #2 pick (as long as someone takes Elton Brands contract and him with them). I can see them SHOPPING and seeing what people offer, you always have to have the mindset of can we get better. And I also understand that Evan Turner has yet to prove his worth in the NBA, but its really hard to not think this kid is going to be a SUPERSTAR for years to come. He also has that “attitude” that helps build a franchise. You can always tell what kids had a good family background and were raised with love and honesty. This kid is just a nice well mannered kid that will help this franchise. He will be the best thing since Allen Iverson, and unless the Sixers get blown away with an amazing deal come draft day, Evan Turner will be a Sixer. I don’t care what you say about the needs of a paint player, the fact that Andre Iguodala will have to play 3 position now, the fact is Andre (as much as I do love and respect him) is not the type of player you want to build a franchise around. He shows flashes of being a leader but never fully embraces it.  I think Turner will help Iguodala a lot and take a lot of his shoulders. What a win win situation we have here. Here’s to the hope that the Sixers make the correct decision come Thursday (next week) and get this franchise in the direction the FANS EXPECT!

To be dead honest my only concern is what if Thad doesn’t give up his #21.  Evan Turner said his 2nd choice and his backup number was #11 in which Jrue already has too.  So my main question is What number is Turner going to wear?

Watch this video, if you dont like Turner…..you deserve a slap in the face!This video shows how excited this kid is.  He WILL be a Sixer!

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