Eagles season predictions

Ok guys so here is the Philadelphia Eagles 2010 NFL schedule. In BOLD are the teams I picked to win then at the bottom I explain a brief summary as to why we win or lose each week.

Hope you enjoy the read:

WEEK 1 – Sunday, Sep. 12 – 4:15pm
Packers @ Eagles

WEEK 2 – Sunday, Sep. 19 – 1:00pm
Eagles @ Lions

WEEK 3 – Sunday, Sep. 26 – 4:05pm
Eagles @ Jaguars

WEEK 4 – Sunday, Oct. 03 – 4:15pm
Redskins @ Eagles

WEEK 5 – Sunday, Oct. 10 – 8:20pm
Eagles @ 49ers

WEEK 6 – Sunday, Oct. 17 – 1:00pm
Falcons @ Eagles

WEEK 7 – Sunday, Oct. 24 – 1:00pm
Eagles @ Titans


WEEK 9 – Sunday, Nov. 07 – 4:15pm
Colts @ Eagles

WEEK 10 – Monday, Nov. 15 – 8:30pm
Eagles @ Redskins

WEEK 11 – Sunday, Nov. 21 – 8:20pm
Giants @ Eagles

WEEK 12 – Sunday, Nov. 28 – 1:00pm
Eagles @ Bears

WEEK 13 – Thursday, Dec. 02 – 8:20pm
Texans @ Eagles

WEEK 14 – Sunday, Dec. 12 – 1:00pm
Eagles @ Cowboys

WEEK 15 – Sunday, Dec. 19 – 1:00pm
Eagles @ Giants

WEEK 16 – Sunday, Dec. 26 – 1:00pm
Vikings @ Eagles

WEEK 17 – Sunday, Jan. 02 – 1:00pm
Cowboys @ Eagles

Ok so I BOLDED the teams we SHOULD beat….

Now lets take a look though…and heres my breakdown on this. This is just my thoughts…nothing more

Week 1 – Packers – I dont think we have the secondary right now to beat ARod and the weapons he has. With the pressure hes not the type that folds… hes a good pressure QB

Week 2 – Lions – They still have no defense we should be able to man-handle them and to be honest with you this game will be pivotal to see how Kevin Kolb is, and hopefully he will rock them and this will kick off an amazing CAREER with the Eagles. Lets hope I’m right at least.

Week 3 – Jaguars – These guys cannot be under-estimated and I think this game the Eagles will win only due to the momentum they received from the Lions game. Although I see Jones-Drew giving us a hard time.

Week 4 – Redskins – I think the Redskins win this game here. For some reason Donovan will come home and make the Eagles fans realize that he still has it, but this will come back to bite him in the butt the 2nd game, when the secondary starts figuring out how to play together.

Week 5 – 49ers – This game was tough for me to pick. I think the 49ers are on that verge of making it happen. But I still feel this is the week our secondary sits down and gets things clicking. I have a feeling we will score 1 or 2 defensive tds here. Alex Smith will be rushed like a mad man all day long and McD will show us how the teacher (Jimmy J) taught the student.

Week 6 – Falcons – While I feel we will beat the 49ers I feel the Falcons will do the what the 49ers wanted to but never had the time to (due to the score). I feel the Falcons will use their PHYSICAL RB and just pound us all day and expose some type of weakness in our running game. This game will bring us back to the days when Emmit Smith used to run all over us.

Week 7 – Titans – The Titans will try the same exact strategy against us that the Falcons used and that the 49ers wanted to use. But while they will be successful in doing so this will be the game that Kolb comes back to win it for us. He will show us that he can lead this team to a come from behind win in the 4th quarter.

Week 8 – BYE –

Week 9 – Colts – Please….Peyton Manning always tears us up and he will for one day pick us apart. I have a feeling this will be a bad day for us BIRD fans. Eagles lose this one bad. Even though their great record after the BYE week. Man I hope I’m wrong though, beating this team could get us a trip into the playoffs if it could happen.

Week 10 – Redskins – I think we get to Mc5 a lot. I think we sack him a could of times and see the Mc5 that we all hated watching for years. Dirt balls, long balls.

Week 11 – Giants – Eagles will have the Giants number, and with Kolb being a much quicker released QB the sack # will be down. And our defense will have Eli’s number. I think we sweep the series with the G-Men this year, our only division sweep.

Week 12 – Bears – Da Bears, while they add a lot of pieces this year I still don’t think its enough for them. Their backfield has a big ? looming over it and right line gives up too many rushes on Cutler, which lead to his INTs last year. I think we do the same here, rush him all day and make it hard for him. Bears don’t even get close in this game.

Week 13 – Texans – With a healthy Owen Daniels coming back in a contract year and Andre Johnson being the BEAST he is will expose the Eagles SMALL size. I feel the if the Eagles win by any chance it will be the week that Tevard Lindley the rookie makes an impact and proves that he was worth the pick and a likely starter for weeks and hopefully years to come. Other then that the Texans are too well balanced and under estimated, they should win this one but we will keep it interesting.

Week 14 – Cowboys – I think the curse in the new stadium continues. Cowboys and Eagles split the series home team winning each game. Both match up well against one another and will battle in both these games. Always hate playing the Cowboys, esp Romo…Eagles lose this round.

Week 15 – Giants – Same result as the first. Eagles come in and I feel Kolb makes a lot of attempts down the field trying to expose the Giants secondary and showing that Rolle isnt as good as his contract is. Eagles pick up the W here.

Week 16 – Vikings – This will be the one game that will make us Eagles fans frustrated. I feel Kolb will be sacked, quite a few times. If and this is a big IF, Favre is playing then we will lose. If he is not back we have a good chance to win this game. Still will be hard but I feel the Vikings take this game.

Week 17 – Cowboys – Eagles take the win here. Finish off the season with a W, the Romo we love will show up for this game, and very well could blow the Cowboys chances of making into the playoffs. Eagles find a running game at the last game of the year.

Eagles finish off with a 9 win year.

Hope you guys liked it, took a while lol

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