Can you say HELLO Evan Turner?!?!

Well tonight was the NBA lottery and you will not believe it but the Sixers got the #2 overall pick in the 2010 NBA draft. I cannot believe it myself and either can Ed Stefanski himself. Now this pretty much all but cements the fact that Evan Turner will be there for our takin.

If the Sixers pass on Evan Turner I think it would be a very very foolish decision. What should happen is with Jrue and Evan this team could be very good for years to come. Its not time to put Iggy on the trading block and see what we can get for him.

Other “Maybe’s” out there, to what the Sixers need the most, a good center and only 2 really come to mind to me and should for anyone else, but honestly I do not see how the Sixers could pass on Evan Turner unless for some reason John Wall drops to them but even at that Wall is a PG and we need a true SG and thats just what Turner gives us.

The two Centers I’m speaking of here consist of
DeMarcus Cousins 6’11” out of Kentucky – this kid has the talent to become a very very sucessfull center in the NBA hes young too though but hes not out of the realm of being a possibility.

Other Center which I feel you dont even take the chance on because in my mind in this draft hes a top 15 is Cole Aldrich out of Kansas, another big 6’11” Center but I think he has a lot more “BUST” to him than anyone out there so I hope the Sixers don’t even consider him!
The next question is who will be our coach that will have the chance to coach this team? And on top of that even before that will Ed Stefanski still be our GM?

To walk you out of this post I will send you with a video from my boy over at ProSports daily that makes some PHATTY Philly videos. SeoulBeatz thanks for the amazing video as always and take us out of here!

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