Leaving an Impression

If there ever was a good time to hit his first home run(s) of the 2010 Spring Training, well then Domonic Brown picked the perfect time. Today the Phillies announced that they have sent top prospect Domonic Brown down and will be assigned to Minor League camp for more practice and conditioning. This send down did not come because of a lackluster spring, in fact, Brown was the last “true” prospect to be sent down by the Phillies and many believe that he was kept with the big club so long because the Phils wanted to show off what they DIDN’T trade for Doc Halladay. But these people are very, very wrong. Brown had one of the most impressive Spring Training stints that, as a rookie, this author has seen in his short life time.

In 11 games and 24 AB’s, Brown had a line of .417/.464/.750. Now I don’t know about all of you, but that is pretty damn impressive for a rookie who doesn’t even have 200 at-bats at AA ball. Not impressed enough? Fine then, in his last game in Big League camp, Brown went 3-3 at the plate with 2 home runs and 4 RBI’s. Still not impressed? His first home run, which was WELL out of the park and more than 400 ft, off of Detroit Tigers staff ace, Justin Verlander. Word is that it hit a car on the highway outside the park. Now if that does not impress you, well then there must be something wrong because as I am typing this ESPN just showed it as it’s #3 play in its Top 10.

If you readers are anything like me, well then you are absolutely giddy with the prospect of having another Chase Utley type player in our midst. And if Dom Brown continues to develop the way he should, then we will have another .280-.300 average player that can pop 25-30 home runs per year with and OBP at, above, or near .400. In fact, Brown could pan out to be a really good power hitter if he eventually fills out that 6’5″ frame. This author personally can’t wait to see the future of our outfield with the likes of Brown, Gillies, Gose, Victorino, and Werth as staples and as highly touted prospects.


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