Eagles take a look at Pat White…ugh..

Ok so let me start of by posting the column “West Virginia quarterback Pat White will conduct a private workout with the Philadelphia Eagles today, from Scout.com.”

So yeah, ugh why?  I understand that this kid is an “ATHLETE” but lets be honest here.  Lets break this down, and of course I very well could be wrong here but Pat White….I do enjoy me some college football but what I don’t like about it is when we have the “PAT WHITES” out there.  Its like their good enough to be a QB / WR / RB / S / CB / KR / PR but their not GREAT enough to be a PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL PLAYER at any of those levels.  Pat, I don’t know you personally so sorry for selling you short here and if you make it and if you do good then more power to ya brother, but cut me a break.  Are we really that desperate?  PAT WHITE?!?!  What will we use him for?  Some more “WILDCRAP errr..” Wild Cat offense, sort of like that one time when D-Jack threw and interception in the red zone, FUN TIMES!  Again, just my personal opinion but Pat White = hes not great at anything but good at almost evertying… no offense but this isnt college anymore, its the PROS.

Lets use our picks wisely!





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